Easy Routine Face Care Set

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  • Skincare set for an effective facial care routine
  • Achieve a fresher, more nourished, younger looking complexion  
  • For quick and easy use
  • 9 scientifically proven active ingredients
  • Suitable for all skin types 
  • 100ml facial cleanser, 50ml facial cream, 10ml active serum




Experience a powerful, yet mild cleansing in 30 seconds that leaves your skin fresh and balanced.


  • deep cleansing of men's skin
  • effectively removes impurities and pollution
  • maintains the skin's natural hydration levels
  • strengthens the natural skin flora
  • repairs damaged skin
  • has a lasting effect on oily, shiny skin
  • long-lasting fresh and vital appearance


  • Inulin (regulating)
  • Cucumber (refreshing, moisturising, anti-inflammatory)
  • Orange mint (cleansing)
  • Nettle (degreasing, soothing)


The facial cleanser for men can be used in the morning and evening.

1. Wet your face.
2. Press the pump once and lather the gel a little in your hands.
3. Massage the product into your face.
4. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

If you use our natural facial cleanser every day as described, it will last for about four months.


This moisturiser is ultra-light, never greasy and absorbs quickly. Ideal for the daily care of active man's skin.


  • provides 24h intense moisture
  • prevents from wrinkles, has a smoothing effect
  • eliminates aged cells
  • mattifying effect against shine
  • reduces the pore size
  • helps to prevent skin irritation and clogged pores


  • Alpine Mountain Active (rejuvenating)
  • Disappore Active (pore-refining)
  • Ectoin (anti-inflammatory)
  • Black Honey Active (regenerating)
  • Hydro Active (hydrating)
  • Hyaluronic acid (firming, hydrating)
  • Aronia berry (rejuvenating)
  • Elderflower (soothes, toning)
  • oat (skin-protecting, antioxidant)


The facial cream for men can be used in the morning and evening.

1. Wash and dry your face (e.g. with Jungkraut’s Botanical Power Face Wash).
2. Squeeze a generous amount of fluid onto your clean fingers.
3. Apply the moisturiser evenly over the entire face.

If you use our face cream for men every day as described, it will last for about three months.


The highly effective eye serum for men provides the skin with intensive moisture and energy for up to 12 hours.


  • Intensively revitalising the skin
  • Deeply moisturising the eye area
  • Actively combating dark circles and puffiness
  • Effectively reducing wrinkles and first signs of ageing
  • Smoothing and regenerating the skin


  • Inulin (regulating)
  • Hyaluronic Acid (firming, hydrating)
  • Pentavitin (hydrating)
  • Caffeine (stimulating, firming)
  • Nettle (degreasing, soothing)
  • Edelweiss (antibacterial, protecting)
  • Thyme (cleansing)


The serum can also be used without prior cleansing and can be used several times a day.

1. Wash and dry the face (e.g. with Jungkraut’s Botanical Power Face Wash).
2. Apply the roll-on underneath the eyes moving from the inside to the outside of the eye.
3. If necessary, gently tap the skin with your fingers to distribute the serum.

Pro-tip: store the serum in the refrigerator for an additional boost of freshness.

If you use the natural eye serum every day as described, it will last for about six months.

Known from

A moment to rest and regenerate

Experience the power of the Swiss Alps in your bath every day with Jungkraut - pure, majestic, wild. Dive into ice-cold glacier lakes, climb unconquerable mountain peaks and wander through deep green alpine forests. Feel refreshed, feel alive.

Swiss technology in harmony with nature

We set new standards in men's skincare with our specially developed Swiss NatureTECH technology. The result is an all-natural skin care for men that is up to 5 times more effective than conventional skincare products. Our innovativeness is driven by a team with more than 20 years of experience and an excellent production site in Toggenburg, Switzerland.

30 days risk-free trial

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If the facial cleanser for men does not meet your expectations, you can return it to us free of charge and without stating any reasons within 30 days of purchase.

Tomorrow in your bathroom

Skincare has to be quick. Order by 3pm and receive your men's facial cleanser the next working day. Benefit from free premium shipping with no minimum order value.

Customer Reviews

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Frédéric Pothier
Das Alter: 46-55
Empfehlung: Ja, ich würde es einem Freund empfehlen.
Top von A-Z

Aufmerksam geworde auf Jungkraut bin ich auf Facebook und Insta. Vorher kannte ich weder das Label noch die Produkte. Dann direkt das Set bestellt. Nicht nur Verpackung und Design sind genial und mega ansprechend sondern - ganz wichtig - der Inhalt und die Produkte. Ich bin begeistert und werde wieder kaufen. Hoffe, die Produktpalette wird erweitert z.B. mit Duschgel, Shampoo und Bodylotion.

Peter Käser
Das Alter: > 66
Empfehlung: Ja, ich würde es einem Freund empfehlen.
Angenehme Gesichtspflege

Super Produkte. Face Fluid hat eine angenehme Textur und Parfümierung. Eye Serum kühlt angenehm. Ich werde die Produkte wieder bestellen.

Heinz Schwaller
Das Alter: > 66
Empfehlung: Ja, ich würde es einem Freund empfehlen.

Super Produkte, brauchen einen Vergleich mit Konkurrenzprodukten nicht zu scheuen. Werde ich wieder kaufen!

Andreas Fröhlich
Das Alter: 36-45
Empfehlung: Ja, ich würde es einem Freund empfehlen.
Absolut empfehlenswert

Perfekte Produkte für eine unkomplizierte Hautpflege.
Hervorragende Konsistenz, perfektes Hautgefühl und ein Duft der einem das Gefühl von Frische und Wellness vermitteln, runden das Komplettpaket ab.
Ich kann die Produkte nur weiterempfehlen.

Ich freue mich jeden Morgen auf meine Hautpflege mit Jungkraut.

FAQ about our natural skincare for men

What does 30 day satisfaction guarantee mean?

We want you to be able to try our natural skincare for men completely risk-free. If the Easy Routine Face Care Set does not meet your expectations, you can return it to us free of charge and without stating any reasons within 30 days of receiving. As soon as we receive the product, we will refund the full purchase price. Please note that we will only accept returned products of our natural skincare for men in their original packaging or if they have been used in normal quantities for a given timeframe of 30 days. Find more information and how to initiate the return process in our Refund Policy

My face is slightly red after the first application, do I have to worry about that?

We use all-natural ingredients in our natural skincare for men. When switching to a new, natural skincare routine, your skin must first get used to the new ingredients. In rare cases, this change can lead to redness or irritation for a short period of time, depending on how much of your previous skincare routine was dominated by skincare products with artificial ingredients. If redness occurs, use the Easy Routine Face Care Set only every second day and only in small amounts. After about 2 weeks, your skin should have become accustomed to the natural skincare for men. You can then return to your normal care routine with the Easy Routine Face Care Set. If severe redness occurs or the situation does not change after 2 weeks, stop using the skincare and contact us.

How does Jungkraut's natural skincare differ from competitor products?

Our natural facial care for men provides your skin with full care, is fast and easy to use and very effective. Thanks to the highly dosed, innovative active ingredients, the skin is supplied with long-lasting moisture, aged cells are eliminated, your skin is smoothed and the size of your pores is visibly reduced. Other skincare products usually use only few active ingredients, which limits the spectrum of effectiveness. In addition, they often use harmful synthetic ingredients and fragrances that can irritate your skin and even damage the skin's flora in the long run.

Additional ingredients such as microplastics and silicones have also been proven to have a harmful effect on humans and the environment. Finally, the natural skincare for men by Jungkraut has a refreshing, discreet, masculine scent.

Is the natural skincare suitable for every type of men's skin?

The Easy Routine Face Care Set has been developed by men for men and is optimally tailored to the needs of normal men's skin. Thanks to the natural ingredients and activs, it is extremely gentle on the skin and provides long-lasting moisture, which makes the natural skincare by Jungkraut suitable for all skin types, with the exception of very dry skin. If you require special care products due to extremely sensitive skin or allergies, please consult the list of ingredients or contact us.

What makes the natural skincare effective after all?

All Jungkraut products are based on the latest scientific findings and have been developed by skincare experts and dermatologists with more than 20 years of experience. External laboratories and independent approval authorities confirm the effectiveness and product safety.

It is our mission to develop natural skincare products that are at least as effective as conventional skincare products and which we ourselves enjoy using every day. All products contain high-quality, award-winning active ingredients in a very high concentration, which give the products their superb effect. Learn more about our ingredients.

How do you justify the price of your natural skincare for men?

We want to offer the best grooming experience for men with outstanding products. This mission cannot be achieved by the same means as the standard grooming products available in supermarkets.

We develop and produce our products in Switzerland using the highest quality standards, state-of-the-art technology and many years of expertise. We rely on innovative, award-winning active ingredients, which we deliberately use in a very high concentration and purity. Our ingredients are all natural and the botanicals are organically grown in Switzerland. We completely avoid any cheap filling ingredients, preservatives or synthetic fragrances. Through the collaboration with our local packaging manufacturer, our local production and our cooperation with climate partner, we take our regional responsibility very serious and make our contribution to Switzerland as a vibrant business location.

Ultimately, we are a young company that puts its heart and soul into the business and personally cares for its customers and their needs. We are privately owned and independent.

How can I return the natural skincare for men free of charge?

We are sorry to hear that our natural skincare for men did not convince you or that you have changed your mind. However, this can happen and we will refund your purchase price if you return the product to us within 30 days of receipt. To start the return process, please send an email to hello@jungkraut.com with your order number and the name of the product you wish to return. We will then send you a free return label.

Once we have received your return, we will refund the purchase price. Please note that we will only accept returned products of our natural skincare for men in their original packaging or if they have been used in normal quantities for a given timeframe of 30 days. Find more information and how to initiate the return process in our Refund Policy

Who are the people behind the Jungkraut brand?

We are a privately owned, self-funded start-up that is completely independent of any large corporation or of any investors. The idea for natural facial care for men arose from our own need and the lack of good alternatives on the market. Inspired by the effects of purely natural ingredients and without any harmful substances, we developed Jungkraut's natural skin care for men in collaboration with industry experts. Today, our products are produced in small batches in a production site in Toggenburg, Switzerland.