A collective of doers

Jungkraut was founded by Andreas and Luca in 2020 as a result of curiosity, friendship and a lack of alternatives in the men's skincare market. A daring venture amongst friends with the enthusiasm for skincare products for men, which are in no way inferior to traditional products. Today we are a passionate collective of doers, skincare enthusiasts, creative minds and nature lovers. Together, we seek to breaking new grounds and push the boundaries of men's skincare.

A clear vision for men

Our vision is to create completely natural men's skincare products that are just as effective as conventional products on the market, but do not contain any substances harmful to people or the environment. Moreover, we are aiming to focus fully on the needs of men in terms of active ingredients, texture, fragrance and form of application.

Independent, natural swiss

We are aiming to improve traditional standards to meet the needs of modern men. Always inspired by the effect of purely natural powers and the wisdom derived from botany.

Our natural men's skincare is produced in small batches in the Swiss mountains. We are proud to be a privately owned and independent company from Zug. We feel closely connected to the mountain regions and strive to work fairly and sustainably.

Wild Man. Calm Skin.