Plants are essential for our survival. An inseparable bond. We draw the basis for our recipe development from this symbiosis. All Jungkraut products are based on a unique composition of selected botanicals, which are organically grown and with greatest care in the Swiss mountains.



Active ingredients give our formulas their natural power. Our team of skincare experts have compiled the most powerful essences in intensive collaboration with selected suppliers and the latest scientific findings. The actives are purely natural-based and their dosage is precisely tailored to the needs of men.

All ingredients

Clean Care

No animal testing

We prefer to test on ourselves rather than on animals. In addition, all our suppliers must guarantee that they do not test on animals. We check this regularly.

Free from parabens

Parabens have a synthetic origin and are used to extend the shelf life of skin care products. We use a natural substance-based alternative here because parabens are suspected of having a negative effect on the hormonal balance of humans.

Free from silicones

Silicones make the skin feel soft and comfortable in the short run. Silicones are synthetic mineral oil products that clog the pores in the long term and can permanently damage the skin. They are also suspected of permanently disrupting the hormone balance of the human body.

Free from PEG

Polyethylene glycols are used to normally improve the consistency of skincare products. However, these emulsifiers also make the skin more permeable to allergic and carcinogenic substances. We have found a natural way to ensure a good consistency of our products.

Free from mineral oil

Many skincare products use kerosene, which is derived from petroleum. Kerosene is much cheaper than vegetable oil. However, mineral oils are harmful to the environment throughout their life cycle.

Free from microplastics

Care products are often enriched with plastics that improve the consistency and shine. The tiny microplastic thus also enters the environment and its organisms.

Free from synthetic fragrances

Synthetic fragrances can have a high allergy and irritation potential. This can lead to flaky, reddened or itchy skin.