For the greater good Für Morgen.

We want you to feel good in your skin. Today, tomorrow, and the day after. That is why we give our actions and business activities great thoughts, especially, when it comes to emissions. Climate change has an impact on all of us. It affects even our skin. Air pollution, a diminishing ozone layer, and a warmer climate will leave their traces even on your skin.

Wir möchten, dass du dich in deiner Haut wohlfühlst. Heute, morgen und übermorgen. Deshalb machen wir uns grosse Gedanken über unser Handeln und unsere Geschäftsaktivitäten, vor allem wenn es um Emissionen geht. Der Klimawandel hat Auswirkungen auf uns alle. Er wirkt sich auch auf unsere Haut aus. Luftverschmutzung, eine abnehmende Ozonschicht und ein wärmeres Klima hinterlassen ihre Spuren auch auf unserer Haut.

Partnership with ClimatePartner

Every year we are balancing our Carbon Footprint together with ClimatePartner. Thereby, we look at every aspect of our doing. From the raw materials, suppliers, employee mobility, energy, heating, storage, transportation, production, packaging, servers to the final shipping of our products. We put all the numbers together. Then we analyze our emissions. All our efforts are well documented on ClimatePartner through our Climate ID.

We will stop at nothing

Here is a complete list of what we’re doing at the moment, and where we are going to improve. You can also take action by reusing and recycling your packaging after use.

Use recycled plastic bottles and glass when suitable

Use recycled cardboard

Incentives employees to use bikes or public transportation

Partnership with a fulfillment partner in Switzerland that is 100% climate neutral

Reduce amount of air in the shipping boxes

Reduce waste and storage area with just-in-time production

Reduce room temperature in our office by 2 degrees

Develop a refillable packaging

Remove metal parts from our pumps, so they can be easily recyled

Develop a 100% biodegradable packaging

Offer product refills at local stores