Why men need different skin care than women

Warum Männer andere Hautpflege benötigen als Frauen

Men’s skin differs from women’s skin in several ways and therefore has different skin care needs. You should therefore use skincare products that are specially adapted to your skin type. For example, men’s skin is up to 25% thicker than women’s skin. But there are other differences as well.

Different sebum production

Due to the significantly higher testosterone level, we men have more and significantly larger sebaceous glands, which also produce around 30% more skin oil. This is not fundamentally a negative thing, because this fat forms a protective layer on the surface of the skin and ensures that less moisture is lost. This protects the skin from drying out and makes it look smoother. Unfortunately, this also increases the risk of blemishes. Testosterone also causes the cells in the ducts of the sebaceous glands to become more keratinised. Because the ducts become narrower and the sebum that seeks its way to the surface of the skin becomes more and more, the result is a blockage. This sebaceous plug – also known as blackhead – blocks the excretory duct. Bacteria find optimal living conditions in this plug. As these bacteria break down the sebum, free fatty acids are produced which can lead to inflammation and thus pimples or even acne. When the peak of maximum sebum production is over – i.e. around the mid to late 20s – it decreases again and around the age of 30 the sebaceous glands produce about a third less fat. This then manifests itself in increased dry skin and a loss of tone and elasticity.

Prevention is better than cure

By the way, we men are somewhat longer protected from developing wrinkles than women, which is mainly due to the larger amount of collagen fibres in our skin. Unfortunately, from the mid to late 30s, this process sets in even faster, which can lead to deep wrinkles, dark circles and bags under the eyes. Prevention is therefore better than fighting the symptoms, so you can never start too early with effective skin care.

Effect of Jungkraut products

Our natural Jungkraut skin care products have been developed by men for men and are optimally designed for the needs of men’s skin. Our Botanical Power Face Wash is suitable for every skin type and effectively frees the skin from impurities that lead to clogged pores and thus blemishes and strengthens the natural skin flora. Especially when the skin begins to feel tight and dry – be it in winter or in general with men over 30 – our Alpine Performance Face Fluid soothes the skin and provides it with long-lasting moisture, but unlike many skin care products developed for women and often only adapted to men’s tastes in terms of scent, it never feels greasy. The Glacier Active Eye Serum is perfect for all men (rumour has it that even your female partners are enthusiastic about it) who are looking for a freshness boost for the eye area and want to say no to tired-looking eyes and thus prevent wrinkles and bags under the eyes in the long term.

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