Can natural skin care products really work?

Können natürliche Hautpflegeprodukte wirklich funktionieren?

Natural cosmetics, which means natural ingredients, less chemicals, no petroleum etc. sounds great at first. But is the effect of natural skin care products also as effective as conventional cosmetics?

The myth that natural cosmetics do not work, or at least not as well, persists: many opponents of natural cosmetics are of the opinion that they cannot have the same effect as modern high-tech active ingredients from the laboratory. However, application studies prove the opposite: natural active ingredient complexes can be enormously effective. Nowadays, natural raw materials are processed and optimised in such a way that they have an extremely targeted effect and can thus compete with conventional products. This is because in order to make the desired properties of plants usable for natural cosmetics, certain chemical conversion processes and the splitting of natural substances are necessary. For natural skin care products, however, no chemical transformation processes are used that produce substances with considerable harm to humans and nature and are based on petroleum.

Differences in effect

However, there is a significant difference in the effect compared to conventional cosmetics: Since natural skin care products do not interfere with the skin’s activity, but support the skin in its own activity, the effect is not immediate, but longer lasting. The skin regains its natural balance. Conventional cosmetics, on the other hand, often have an effect that can be felt immediately. We were able to see this for ourselves several times during our product development when we tested competitors’ products. The skin felt very supple immediately after application. The ingredients that cause this effect are silicones. Silicones are synthetic polymers and therefore chemically produced plastics that are very cheap and for this reason also used in the majority of conventional care products. However, the short-term effect is more illusion than reality, because silicones do not have any long-term care effect. The short-term effects only last until the next wash-off. In addition, silicone oils seal our skin, i.e. they have an occlusive effect. This can have advantages, because the skin loses less moisture this way. However, there are also disadvantages to having sealed skin, as it can promote blemishes and acne. Furthermore, the effect of silicones on our health and the environment has not been conclusively clarified, as they are plastic compounds that are difficult to biodegrade and remain in circulation for a long time and are found throughout the food cycle.

Active ingredients in the Jungkraut products

Inexpensive natural cosmetics often use various plant oils. These also have a nourishing effect and provide our skin with healthy nutrients. However, as they are not further optimised for their specific area of application, they cannot be as effective as actives – i.e. active ingredients – which are further developed in the laboratory to achieve the maximum specific desired effect. See also our other blog post on hyaluronic acid. In addition to our biological botanicals, i.e. plant extracts that are only used in slightly modified form, we also use a combination of the most powerful actives. These have been put together by our team of skin experts in cooperation with selected suppliers and on the basis of the latest scientific findings. The active ingredients are purely natural and their dosage is precisely tailored to the needs of men. Since natural cosmetics contain different active ingredients than conventional cosmetics, it sometimes takes a while for the body to get used to them (the skin needs about four weeks to renew). Especially during the transition period, you may experience minor skin blemishes such as small pimples or redness. But don’t panic, this is normal and will go away. In addition, the skin may feel drier. This is often due to the fact that with some natural cosmetic products, all ingredients are completely absorbed and leave no residue. Unlike silicones mentioned above, which leave a layer on the skin.

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