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  • Refill shower gel for the daily freshness kick
  • Provides long lasting moisture
  • With 2 scientifically proven actives
  • High-quality Swiss aluminium bottle
  • Refill pack to avoid 90% packaging waste
  • Suitable for all skin types



Jungkraut - 100% natürliches Schweizer Refill-Duschgel - Funders


Our new all-natural refill shower gel not only transports you to the rugged mountain forests and cool glacier lakes of the Swiss mountains for your daily shower experience, but also frees you from the many unappealing plastic bottles of conventional shower products.


  • Deeply cleanses and refreshes men's skin
  • Long lasting hydration of the skin
  • Maintains the skin's natural moisture balance

How to use

The shower gel for men can be used in the shower in the morning and in the evening.


The scent of our shower gel for men is a creation inspired by the rugged Alpine forests, the rising sun and the cool morning dew. Light yet herbal. Created from fresh limes, ripe lemons and bergamot. Perfectly balanced with a base of basil, a touch of rare Alpine herbs, earthy turmeric root and aromatic Eastern red cedar.

A discreet, masculine scent with no artificial fragrances

Transparency report

This product contains:

  • no parabens
  • no silikones
  • no microplastics
  • no PEG (polyethylenglycols)
  • no mineral oil
  • no artificial fragrances.

This product is:

  • naturally derived
  • vegan
  • without animal testing
  • dermatologically tested
  • crafted in Toggenburg, Switzerland
  • climate-neutral

Allergy information:

We use purely natural fragrances. Essential oils can cause redness and skin irritation.


  • is a Swiss company based in Zug
  • is independent of international corporations and investors
  • works with local suppliers and partners
  • creates and maintains jobs in Switzerland

A moment to rest and regenerate

Experience the power of the Swiss Alps in your bath every day with Jungkraut - pure, majestic, wild. Dive into ice-cold glacier lakes, climb unconquerable mountain peaks and wander through deep green alpine forests. Feel refreshed, feel alive.

Swiss technology in harmony with nature

We set new standards in men's skincare with our specially developed Swiss NatureTECH technology. The result is an all-natural skin care for men that is up to 5 times more effective than conventional skincare products. Our innovativeness is driven by a team with more than 20 years of experience and an excellent production site in Toggenburg, Switzerland.

Naturally sustainable

We are not satisfied with just a unique formulation. The concept around the formulation is just as important to us. That's why we want to offer the shower gel in a high-quality and fully recyclable Swiss aluminium bottle that can be refilled with the practical refill pack, thus saving around 90% of plastic waste.

Become a Kraut-Funder

Are you ready to dive into the cool Swiss glacier lakes and rugged mountain forests with the new Jungkraut shower gel? Support our crowdfunding project with your pre-order now until 8 October 2023.

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